The Stormraven – Part 2

Continued on from Stormraven – Part 1. After the base coat, it was time to use the airbrush to re-coat the exterior surfaces with Blood Red, and time to start work on the interior detailing such as the seating and the screens.     Once again, GW’s Guide provided some excellent tips, especially on gem effects for screens –… Continue reading The Stormraven – Part 2

The Stormraven – Part 1

So I finally caved and bought one of these flying monstrosities…. Quite often the better half and I joke about how it looks like a Thunderhawk Gunship was towed and put through a cube crusher before a Techpriest took pity on it.  This really put me off until I found out about the conversion kit… Continue reading The Stormraven – Part 1

Blood Angels Gallery

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BA vs. IG Battle Report – 20/06/11

Armies: Imperial Guard: Command Squad (Missile Launcher, Master of the Ordinance) Storm Troopers *6 Psyker Battle Squad *9 +overseer Guardsman Marbo Veteran Squad (3 Plasma, Gunnery Sgt Harker) Veteran Squad (3 Meltaguns, Chimera) Infantry Platoon Command (LT, 4 Flamers, Chimera) 3* Infantry Squad (10 man, Inc. Autocannon) 2*Armoured Sentinel Squads (2 Sentinels in each, all… Continue reading BA vs. IG Battle Report – 20/06/11


Lemartes was my second project for the Blood Angels. He’s another model with some fiddly bits – in particular the bones on the armour. Like the Mephiston post earlier, I used Bleached Bone washed with Gryphonne Sepia to get the awesome appearance you see on the helmet.

40K – Blood Angels vs Imperial Guard: After Action Report (from the Angels perspective)

Background Water pooled in the ruins of a destroyed Imperial facility; collapsed columns, scattered ‘dragons teeth’ tank traps and blast craters littered the landscape like toys strewn from an oversized child’s toy box. As the rain slowed and stopped, the objective the Angels were fighting to secure came into view. A PDF missile silo, it’s… Continue reading 40K – Blood Angels vs Imperial Guard: After Action Report (from the Angels perspective)