Dreadfleet – Painting water

In painting our Dreadfleet models, I was forced to learn how to paint water for the bases. There’s no secret to it, Games Workshop have published a pretty good step-by-step guide in October’s White Dwarf (WD382), which I recommend you pick up if you haven’t already as it is packed full of painting guides for the ships in Dreadfleet.

Anyway, aside from a different base colour, I used the same technique described in WD382.

I started with a chaos black undercoat and applied a Necron Abyss base coat.

Necron Abyss base coat

When that dried, I dry brushed Enchanted Blue onto the bases.

Enchanted Blue drybrush

Next, I dry brushed layer of Ice Blue on the wave crests.

Ice Blue drybrush

Then, following the GW guide, I mixed up a 1:1 ratio of Thrakka Green and Badab Black and applied a thick coat of it across the base.

Badab Black:Green Wash 1:1 mix ratio

When that dried, I finished the bases off with a dry brush of Skull White, again focusing on the ship’s wake and the wave crests.

Skull White drybrush

I’m sure you’ll agree, the effect looks great….

Black Kraken (flash, side & above)

This technique should work for all bar the Skaven ship’s base (that one has organs and detritus to paint on the base that needs a more rotten look, so I’ll do a separate post on that one later).

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