So when I decided to collect a Blood Angels army, I decided I wanted to include Mephiston, I mean who wouldn’t? He’s a one man army who tears apart tanks, troops and buildings with his bear hands!

Meph was the first figure I painted for my Blood Angel army. Not the wisest move I could have made, truth be told. He’s a damn hard figure to paint well – mostly because of his armour. Still, Several hours later after starting with a skull white primer and a layer of scab red with drybrushed blood red later (and some washing with a 50:50mi of badab black and baal red….) and the armour took on the effect you see above. With some Iyanden Darksun edging it looks pretty good. The skull shoulder pad was primed skull white, painted bleached bone, sockets etc. painted chaos black and then washed with Gryphonne Sepia.

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