Dropzone Commander – UCM

In my last post I gave a brief overview of the game, the next logical step would be to discuss the factions. So lets start with the United Colonies of Mankind (UCM). Hawk has published a good blurb on their fluff here: http://www.hawkwargames.com/pages/united-colonies-of-mankind So I won’t linger on that, but I will discuss the good, the… Continue reading Dropzone Commander – UCM

Dropzone Commander

Its been a while since I last posted, but thought I’d write up a few bits on what games I’ve been playing over the last few years. I’ll do a bunch of posts about each of them, but to start off, one of my current favourites – Dropzone Commander. Two years ago, I (and family)… Continue reading Dropzone Commander

Mantic’s Dreadball

Last year, on Kickstarter I pledged in on Mantic’s Dreadball. Now, I love Bloodbowl and the chance for another miniatures based game even remotely like it thrilled me to my core. What I got, was a surprise – depsite the vids I’d watched, the research I had done and the conversations with mates; Dreadball was… Continue reading Mantic’s Dreadball

Dreadstone Blight

So I picked up a Dreadstone Blight tower a while back and finally got round to painting it this weekend. I used this link as a guide to give me an idea on a number of the details, but I decided to use the same paint scheme I used for the Dreadfleet scenery (Necron Abyss… Continue reading Dreadstone Blight

Dreadfleet – The Bloody Reaver

  Otherwise known as the Bloody Hard paint job….. The Bloody Reaver was the ship I wanted to save until I’d had some ‘practice’ – reason being, this is the largest, most demanding ship for Dreadfleet, and, ultimately the hardest paint job for me yet. The Reaver is filled with detail, from the wrecks comprising… Continue reading Dreadfleet – The Bloody Reaver

Rust Effects

No piccies, just a quick talk through on how I learned to do it. Base coat your area of rust in Bestial Brown. When dried, stipple Macharias Solar Orange on top of it leaving areas of brown showing through…. When that dries (really quick) apply small splodges of Boltgun metal (note this is the only… Continue reading Rust Effects

Dreadfleet – Painting the Shadewraith

Hi. I’m Kai (he who owns the blog’s other half :D)- and I’m painting some of the Dreadfleet stuff.    Normally all I am is a writer, so painting and writing up guides is a new one on me, but here goes 😉 The Shadewraith ship seemed to be the easiest of all of them… Continue reading Dreadfleet – Painting the Shadewraith