Dreadfleet – Painting the Skabrus base

In my previous post on painting water, I said the effect should be fine for all of the bases bar the Skabrus, and here’s why. Unlike the other bases, the Skabrus has ‘organs’, you see the Skabrus is a giant undead, zombie fish, crewed by undead Skaven…. so we need to not only pick out organ details, but also leave a trail of rotting effluence in the Skabrus’s wake. Once again, Games Workshop’s October White Dwarf (WD 382) provided a ton of good advice. (Do go buy a copy, I won’t be doing blow-by-blows for each of the Dreadfleet minis unless I get a load of requests).

Here’s how I did it. Start off with your base colours, for me, this was Necron Abyss  for the water, Mechrite Red for the organs and dark angel green for the effluence.

Skabrus - base - base colours


Next up, I used a 1:1 mix of Tin Bitz and Dwarf Bronze to pick out the metalics and Scorched Brown for the wood. When that was dry, I washed the organs in a 1:1 mix of Devlan Mud and Baal Red and washe dthe wood and metallics in just Devlan Mud. I also dry brushed Enchanted Blue onto the waves and Goblin Green into the effluence.

Skabrus - organ wash - drybrush 1

As I waited for the organ washes to dry, it was time to move on to the second drybrush layer for the water and effluence. Again, Ice Blue for the water was used (again, focus on the wave crests) and Scorpion Green  was used in the effluence.

Skabrus - base - drybrush layer 2

Finally it was time to wash the water parts and the organs were dry enough to apply some effects. As before, the water wash (for both waves and effluence was a 1:1 Thrakka Green and Badab Black washed heavily. As that dried, I applied a 1:1 Mechrite Red and Blood Red layer to the organs, applied a verdigris effect (when you see brass turn green) to the metallics (mix 1:1 Dark Angel Green to Hawk Turqoise then water down to a wash and apply) and touched up the wood work with more Scorched Brown. When the organ layer was dry, I applied line highlighting to the organs to pick out details.

Skabrus - organ highlight


Finally, as the water wash dried, I applied a final dry brush layer of Skull White to the wave crests and effluence. Jobs a Good ‘Un.Skabrus - base complete

My next post shows how I did the Skabrus body, you’ll find it here

The Stormraven – Part 3

Continued from Stormraven – Part 2.

To finish off the final detail work I needed to “soot” up my engines – easy, Games Workshop’s Stormraven guide tells you to apply 3 coats of Badab Black (one after the other when dry) and stipple in some Chaos Black.

Next, it was time for assembly.

As I’m using the kit from Chapterhouse Studios (CS), I had to use their guide to build the modified hull. The initial assembly is identical, but when you would fit the rear plate and hatch, you switch to the instructions from CS.

Storm Raven - (Early construction - Extended hull - side) Storm Raven - (Early construction - Extended hull - underside)

As you can see from the underside shot (I’ve not added Chapterhouse’s baseplate yet) the hull extension adds a good length to the aircraft. After this slight detour, it’s back to the main instructions to add the wings, landing gear and tail sections. To fit the engines you need to cut off the plastic extensions – you can do this with a pair of clippers, but a model saw is better. After those went on, I put the cockpit together – the complete details and pilot now come into their own.

Storm Raven - (Cockpit)

The hatch you can see in the above picture is also from the Chapterhouse kit, and allows you to hide the hole for the gunner’s pod.


Storm Raven - Wings added

To finish this off, we need to add the cockpit canopy, the weapons pod and icons.

My end result looked like this:

Storm Raven - (Final model - missing transfers)

Dreadfleet – Painting water

In painting our Dreadfleet models, I was forced to learn how to paint water for the bases. There’s no secret to it, Games Workshop have published a pretty good step-by-step guide in October’s White Dwarf (WD382), which I recommend you pick up if you haven’t already as it is packed full of painting guides for the ships in Dreadfleet.

Anyway, aside from a different base colour, I used the same technique described in WD382.

I started with a chaos black undercoat and applied a Necron Abyss base coat.

Necron Abyss base coat

When that dried, I dry brushed Enchanted Blue onto the bases.

Enchanted Blue drybrush

Next, I dry brushed layer of Ice Blue on the wave crests.

Ice Blue drybrush

Then, following the GW guide, I mixed up a 1:1 ratio of Thrakka Green and Badab Black and applied a thick coat of it across the base.

Badab Black:Green Wash 1:1 mix ratio

When that dried, I finished the bases off with a dry brush of Skull White, again focusing on the ship’s wake and the wave crests.

Skull White drybrush

I’m sure you’ll agree, the effect looks great….

Black Kraken (flash, side & above)

This technique should work for all bar the Skaven ship’s base (that one has organs and detritus to paint on the base that needs a more rotten look, so I’ll do a separate post on that one later).

Army Manager

People sometimes ask me how I draw up my army lists, what software I use, do I have a spreadsheet, etc. etc. So I thought I’d share my thoughts on a few options.

At the moment I use a piece of freeware called Battlescribe, which is a modular army generator. It’s data files don’t hold stats or special rules but do hold points values and unit options. I found my copy of it and it’s data files here.

Before this, like many people I did use spreadsheets – these have the added benefit of being really portable on tablet computers and the like. If that’s a route you want to go down, I’d recommend this link

Finally, if you want to spend some cash on a well maintained set of lists that get updated fairly regularly, I would recommend Lone Wolf’s Army Builder. They do a demo version which will only let you do limited points lists but the full version will do huge lists with apocalypse formations and all sorts (and not just for Games Workshop Games)

Dreadfleet Gallery

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