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The Stormraven – Part 1

So I finally caved and bought one of these flying monstrosities….

Games Worlshop Stormraven

Quite often the better half and I joke about how it looks like a Thunderhawk Gunship was towed and put through a cube crusher before a Techpriest took pity on it.  This really put me off until I found out about the conversion kit done by Chapterhouse Studios, whilst I don’t endorse how much Chapterhouse infringes on GW’s rights or feel the need to tell you buy their products, I am impressed by their conversion kit which lengthens out the hull of the Stormraven to make it look like it can carry what the fluff tells you it can.

Anyway, I digress – I decided to follow as much of GW’s paint guide as possible.

So I started with an undercoat of skull white on the exterior surfaces and skull black on the metallics and interiors. After that dried, I pulled out the handy airbrush and applies a base coat of Mechrite Red to all of the exterior surfaces and the crew. Interior surfaces, engines and landing gear all got a 50:50 mix of Chaos Black and Boltgun Silver applied.

Base Coat

Storm Raven - following basecoating (show interior)

Continued in The Storm Raven – Part 2

Blood Angels Gallery

Blood Angel Vehicles

Blood Angel Vehicles
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Bio Acid Damage on vehicles

So I recently discovered how to pull this effect off when I flicked through a copy of the Games Workshop’s ‘How to Paint Citadel Tanks’. In the book they show some pics of Nid Bio-Acid damage done to some Imperial tanks and described the process.

Drop Pod Bio-acid damage exterior

I decided to apply this to the Death Company Drop Pod I’m working on. I placed the acid damage high up on the pod petal purely for aesthetic reasons (alternatively you can picture a Gargoyle high up, getting a passing shot at the pod as it hurtles past!). I also decided to have the acid eat through to the interior a bit….

Drop Pod Bio-acid damage interior

The method for it is pretty easy, I drilled some holes into the area I wanted affected by the acid, gave it a brush with a 50:50 mix of chaos black and boltgun silver then used warlock purple over the area that the acid hit. When that dried I highlighted some of the holes with tentacle pink. Finally I coated the area (well, splattered) with water effects paste. After 24 hours that was the effect.


Lemartes was my second project for the Blood Angels. He’s another model with some fiddly bits – in particular the bones on the armour. Like the Mephiston post earlier, I used Bleached Bone washed with Gryphonne Sepia to get the awesome appearance you see on the helmet.


So when I decided to collect a Blood Angels army, I decided I wanted to include Mephiston, I mean who wouldn’t? He’s a one man army who tears apart tanks, troops and buildings with his bear hands!

Meph was the first figure I painted for my Blood Angel army. Not the wisest move I could have made, truth be told. He’s a damn hard figure to paint well – mostly because of his armour. Still, Several hours later after starting with a skull white primer and a layer of scab red with drybrushed blood red later (and some washing with a 50:50mi of badab black and baal red….) and the armour took on the effect you see above. With some Iyanden Darksun edging it looks pretty good. The skull shoulder pad was primed skull white, painted bleached bone, sockets etc. painted chaos black and then washed with Gryphonne Sepia.