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Army Manager

People sometimes ask me how I draw up my army lists, what software I use, do I have a spreadsheet, etc. etc. So I thought I’d share my thoughts on a few options.

At the moment I use a piece of freeware called Battlescribe, which is a modular army generator. It’s data files don’t hold stats or special rules but do hold points values and unit options. I found my copy of it and it’s data files here.

Before this, like many people I did use spreadsheets – these have the added benefit of being really portable on tablet computers and the like. If that’s a route you want to go down, I’d recommend this link

Finally, if you want to spend some cash on a well maintained set of lists that get updated fairly regularly, I would recommend Lone Wolf’s Army Builder. They do a demo version which will only let you do limited points lists but the full version will do huge lists with apocalypse formations and all sorts (and not just for Games Workshop Games)

Dreadfleet Gallery

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The Stormraven – Part 2

Continued on from Stormraven – Part 1.

After the base coat, it was time to use the airbrush to re-coat the exterior surfaces with Blood Red, and time to start work on the interior detailing such as the seating and the screens.

Storm Raven - internal detailing of screens/seating  Storm Raven - internal detailing of screens/seating (alt side) Storm Raven - overview of internal detailing

Once again, GW’s Guide provided some excellent tips, especially on gem effects for screens – something I replicated again in the cockpit.


Storm Raven - Cockpit

Continued in The Stormraven – part 3

The Stormraven – Part 1

So I finally caved and bought one of these flying monstrosities….

Games Worlshop Stormraven

Quite often the better half and I joke about how it looks like a Thunderhawk Gunship was towed and put through a cube crusher before a Techpriest took pity on it.  This really put me off until I found out about the conversion kit done by Chapterhouse Studios, whilst I don’t endorse how much Chapterhouse infringes on GW’s rights or feel the need to tell you buy their products, I am impressed by their conversion kit which lengthens out the hull of the Stormraven to make it look like it can carry what the fluff tells you it can.

Anyway, I digress – I decided to follow as much of GW’s paint guide as possible.

So I started with an undercoat of skull white on the exterior surfaces and skull black on the metallics and interiors. After that dried, I pulled out the handy airbrush and applies a base coat of Mechrite Red to all of the exterior surfaces and the crew. Interior surfaces, engines and landing gear all got a 50:50 mix of Chaos Black and Boltgun Silver applied.

Base Coat

Storm Raven - following basecoating (show interior)

Continued in The Storm Raven – Part 2

Blood Angels Gallery

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